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Tuning Fork Therapy

What is Tuning Fork Therapy?


Tuning fork therapy is a massage treatment with sound vibrations using different tuning forks. It is in line with the knowledge that humans are pure vibrations down to the smallest particle.


Tuning forks affect the entire body, from the toes to the crown. The sounds/vibrations of the tuning forks remind the body of the original flow.


The goal of the treatment can be very diverse and depends on the request for help. Tuning forks can be used for physical, psychological, mental, energetic and emotional complaints.


Examples of this are


(Head) pain, stiff and stuck muscles

Fatigue or insomnia

Stress, restlessness, nervousness

Sadness or fear

Insecurity, lack of self-esteem

Struggling to stand in your own strength

Lack of energy or an excess of energy

Hypersensitivity to stimuli

Trouble grounding


The treatment is mainly aimed at restoring harmony between body, soul and spirit. Some of the tuning forks that are used connect to the vibrations of the seven main chakras (energy centers) of our body. A number of other tuning forks are related to the planets that play a role in our horoscope. These tuning forks each work in a different area of ​​the body and also affect a psychological and emotional aspect. Each tuning fork has a different effect: stimulating and activating, or calming and harmonizing.


The tuning forks are placed on the body or held close to the body and listened to individually or in combination. The vibrations penetrate deep into the body, including the organs, and can be absorbed through the ears. By means of the vibrations, blockages can be vibrated loose and possibly even lifted and they provide an internal massage. In the event of physical complaints or tensions, they are placed on painful areas, acupressure points or reflex zones.


There are various treatment options with tuning forks. To relax, harmonize or to treat complaints and/or gain insights.

Tuning Fork Relaxing Massage

1 hour €55

Tuning Fork Therapy session

1,5 hour €80


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