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Strength & Mobility focusses on how well you move through life in your body. You body has certain ranges it can find itself in. For example, some people have the ability to come into a squat very easily, some do not. This principle applies throughout the whole body; can you come into position ’xyz’. In strength & Mobility we will not tell you all the ranges you don’t have and can’t reach. Rather, we tell you in what ranges you CAN move and how you can IMPROVE these positions. On top of that, if one can come into a certain position, it does not mean one is strong there. It might still be a weak link. With strength & mobility we not only help you gain more range, better movement but also gaining more strength in these newly acquired ranges.


Mobility = The ability to move through space

Strength = The ability to apply force in all these ranges


Lots of people experience pain when they move through life on a daily base. Pain free ability is something most people don’t really know anymore. We are used to getting injured, used to the little pains we experience while living. The fact is; we should be able to live a pain free life!!! It is NOT normal to live with these pains. Living in pain is your body telling you something isn’t right. 


Through these programs YOU will be able to live a better, pain free and happier life!



This program is a continuous practice, which allows you to train 1 day a week, 2 days a week, up to 5 days a week. It contains work outs that change or vary every 3 months which allows the training to stay fun and challenging. In strength & mobility training we want to spend at least 3 months on a variety of exercises to really learn the perfect form, to allow our bodies to adapt and make progress. Just doing an exercise a few times, does not mean your body has adapted and connects with the mind. In this training we strive to make a better body & mind connection, get stronger, move better and climb harder.


The online program is followed through an app. Nothing complicated! You just open the app and see your program. You can find what exercises you have to do, video’s on how to execute the exercise and how many reps/sets you have to do. Don’t understand everything that is in there? You follow the Movement Dictionary and find out what it means. You can send in your form to get feedback on exercises and are able to ask questions through the app when something is not clear. With an option to join a Telegram Support group you have the ability to ask questions to your fellow students and share your progress. We believe that having a community to share your progress with motivates, creates bonding and creates accountability for yourself to keep doing the work outs.




If you are new to strength & mobility training, this 6 week program is right for you. Create an understanding of what mobility does to your body, learn the basics and make a change in your training. To avoid injuries we want to be able to train our strength & mobility as climbers. Lots of climbers are not aware that some little pains in the body actually don’t have to be there. They are caused by a lack of movement, a lack of mobility and a lack of strength. Simply climbing on won’t fix your movement problems. Join this 6-week Strength & Mobility course and create better habits, move better, get a stronger body and climb harder.


If you want to improve your strength, mobility, climbing skills, want to move better or simply need some personal attention, than personal training is for you! Together we will work on your weak links, build a personalized program and get you on your way. Sometimes you just need some help in the right direction!


We have group trainings at Boulderhal de Campus, Wildflower Climbing Gym and do workshops at other bouldering gyms throughout the Netherlands. If you want to book a group class, please check out the weekly schedule. If you would like to book a group class just for you and your friends, please get in touch and ask for the availability.



(3 month minimum)

Maybe you feel like you just need to be put in the right direction with a program. Everything is possible and we are here to help! Just like the best athletes in the world have coaches, we need some guidance from time to time. A personalized program can help you on your way to work out according to a well organized training plan.

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