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Drum Coaching

If you look online there is too much information and it is easy to get lost. It is too easy to freak out and not do anything instead of working towards that goal you have in mind. There is no direct feedback, there is no one watching you while you practice. Feedback is needed to grow, to find out where you can improve.


Online drumcoaching does give you that feedback and professional guidance. Online drumcoaching makes sure every students get what he or she needs. Every student is different so every student will study on their own pace with their own study plan.


Together with the coach you will make a study plan in which you will map your personal journey. In a weekly 30/45 minute session you will work on the study materials and you will get guidance in practicing. Every other week there is a feedback session in which you will pay attention on feedback only. Together with the coach you will look at the progress you’ve made and get feedback on how to improve.


Eddie will pay attention to not only your drums but also coach you in the how. The last few years Eddie has been studying mindfullness and the positive effects on the mind and body. It is very important to be in balance if you want to improve in anything. So next to coaching you in being a better drummer, Eddie will also help you become a better person.

For Who?

The drummer who

- Is looking for extra support during his study

- Does not have time to go to class in person

- Is looking for a specific subject to improve on

- Needs guidance to be better at studying

- Does not know WHAT to study

 -Does not have enough time but still wants to practice efficient

- Needs a temporary boost to find his way

- Likes to study on its own but still needs some guidance

- Is advanced but who wants to go deeper

- Is looking for a balance in drumming and his daily life

- Is looking to express his feelings more behind the drumset

- Is completely lost, personal and on the drums and needs guidance

What will we work on?


-       Technique

-       Different styles of music

-       Endurance

-       Musicality

-       Practical application

-       Snare exercises

-       Timing(macro, meso, micro)

-       Taste

-       Fills

-       Grooves

-       Working with click

-       Reading music

-       Writing music

-       Understanding songs

-       Song structure

That is very personal. Together with the coach you will find out where you strengths and weaknesses lie. To give you an idea of what we might be working

For more information or bookings

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