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Handpan Coaching

The handpan is growing in popularity lately and is used in a variety of settings. It is used alot during yoga classes or a soundbath. The magical and relaxing sound of the handpan have a calming effect on the brain and body. This has to do mostly with the 432hz frequency which is not the same rate as most instruments.(normally instruments are on a 440hz frequency)

Playing the handpan is a whole different level of making music. Being able to create these magical sounds yourself is a unique and challenging experience. In a handpan session you will learn the basics of percussion and harmony theory. This will help you to develop a good understanding of what the handpan is and how top play on it.
After that you will learn a rhytmical alphabet, just as you learn to read and write, you need a collection of knowledge about rhythm. Gradually you will understand how the handpan works and learn to make your own melodies and grooves.

Have you always been interested in playing a handpan? Or did you notice that magical sounding instrument in a yoga class and wondered what it was? This is your chance!
Playing handpan is for everyone, you don’t need any prior musical or percussive experience. Eddie has studied drums and percussion and has over 10 years of experience as a teacher in music. Everyone can learn to play the handpan. Book your class no wand find out what that magical instrument is about!

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