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Strength & Mobility

Why mobility training?

Mobility is a term we hear more often these days and in the USA and other countries it has proven to work. Tons of research has proven that this new way of training can make THE difference in your athletic performance and live a pain free life. Amateur or pro, this makes moving through life a lot more fun! 

Mobility can be defined as your ability to move through space.

Under the guidance of Ben Patrick Keegan Smith & Kelly Starret, Eddie brings this new method to The Netherlands and other parts of Europe. In this case specifically a workshop for climbers!

We all have had injuries somewhere in the body, probably as climbers in the shoulders, elbows or back. Maybe you haven’t, consider yourself lucky! This is where mobility training comes in. We (p)rehab from an injury and go back to climbing. But what if I tell you that you can get back even stronger than before you were injured!

The success of mobility training is in the training of the smaller muscles, tendons and ligaments. Do you often experience pain? Different areas? Always the same? Then mobility could be the solution for you!

If you only train the bigger muscles, in time you will develop imbalance in your body and the smaller muscles. Our joints are covered in a complex structure of muscles, tendons and ligaments which make sure the joint is stable. To get acces to full range of motion(ROM) we train to activate those smaller muscles first. By using tension, rotation and movement we create more ROM in our joints.

When we develop more space and better ROM around the joints, it is time to strengthen these new ranges. Only being flexible and not being able to apply force in all these ranges is useless. And so we strengthen all these new positions. This is were the true value of mobility training is.

Also important with mobility training is to mobilise tissue through a release technique. Using massage balls we dive into self massage to release tight and painful tissues. Which will help open up new ranges and accelerate recovery.

Are you often stiff? Do you have pain here and there? Often have injuries? It could be that the smaller muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints need some more attention!

Get yourself into mobility training and be free of pain!



January 13th 19.00 - 20.30 

Grip Nijmegen

 January 19th 19.00 - 20.30

 Radium Boulders Maastricht

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