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Myo Fascial Release Mini Course


Do you struggle with a stiff neck? Neck pain? Tight muscles & tissues in the neck area? Do you simply sit at your desk alot, get stressed quickly or feel your neck is just always tense? Or do you simply want to find a good way to release your neck?


Than this course is for you! 

This is a mini course about releasing tissues in the neck area. The neck is an area where stress will reside and make your muscles and tissues tense. The way we live today is often looking down at our phone, sittting behind a deska and coming home sittting down on the couch. Your posture is WRECKED by these daily habits. 


Using this mini course you will understand how to release these tight areas in the neck area. Read through info in this pdf file and follow the links to the videos with clear explanation about what you need to do!


What do you need for this course?


- A set of massage balls

- A yoga block


Don't have any of these? 


Take a look our 'Ready to roll 1.0' combo pack

- Mini course

- Set of massageballs


Or our 'Ready to roll 2.0' combo pack 

- Mini course

- Set of massage balls

- Yogablock

Myo Fascial Release: Fix Your Neck + balls + block

€ 50,00Price