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Handpan Rental

Handpan Rental Program

The handpan is a magical and unique instrument which is growing in popularity. This
instrument is special and to buy something special, can be a big investment! Before even
knowing if playing the handpan could be something for you, you are required to make this investment.

BUT not anymore! We have decided to set up a rental program for those who would like to
try out playing the handpan. You can simply rent the handpan for a month and enjoy some
online classes from Eddie. This way you can learn the basics and see if playing the handpan is
something you really want to do. Instead of making this big investment, you now rent the
handpan without strings attached and without a big investment.

You can rent the handpan for a month with or without lessons. Maybe you are already
playing but don't have your own handpan yet. You can also rent the handpan without
lessons for a shorter period of time. Or maybe you simply want to rent it for a workshop.
yoga class or meditation for a day. It's all possible!

For more info get in touch!



- 30 days with (online) lessons € 180

- 1 week without lessons € 50

- 2 weeks without lessons € 95

- 3 weeks without lessons € 140

- 30 days without lessons € 160

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