Treat yourself with the healing powers of sound!


In this special class we will take a powerfull journey through yin poses guided by beautiful sounds. Through this yin class we will support you with the magical vibrations of singing bowls, koshis, a kalimba and vocals. As we take you along our journey of different poses we strive to find a place of deep surrender.


The use of live instruments causing vibrations will help you to go deeper into your poses. It will calm the mind and help you experience a deeper state of consciousness. The relaxing and opening effects of yin poses, combined with vibrations, will help you to make a deeper connection to the inner self. It will bring you into a place of deep surrender. 


In these workshops we focus on the 5 elements of Yin Yoga. Depending on the time of year we choose the best sequence for the body and mind. Do you want this workshop in your studio, festival or just at home? please send us a message.


Yin & Sound at Barth Kapel, The hague

5/3/2021 - 19.00 - 21.00


(payment only when we are certain the class can take place)