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Yoga Retreat


9-11 october, 2020


Time to treat yourself! This retreat is for everyone who would like to slow down for a few days. Recharge, connect to the heart and deepen your yoga practice. This retreat is designed for you to nourish and nurture your body & mind. Let’s take a journey to our true selves, letting go of the stresses of our daily lives.


Autumn represents a time of letting go and as the leaves fall we can take this example to shake off things that are not serving us anymore. As the weather cools and we move towards winter, we can take the time to connect with ourselves. This time of the year is perfect for practicing letting go, being grounded in our body and giving us the opportunity to relax and unwind.


The whole weekend will be nice and relaxed moving with the yin energy in our body guided by live instruments. Using live instruments, causing vibrations, will help us calm the mind and body and get deeper into our poses. This is helpful because with our yin poses we dive into the deeper tissues of the body. In a yin practice we will hold poses for a longer period of time so we can reach these deeper tissues. We will also explore the yin energy in a gentle moving meditation. 


In this special retreat with Yin & Sound we will take a powerful journey through yin poses and movements guided by beautiful sounds. We will support you with the magical vibrations of singing bowls, guitar, vocals and more. As we take you along our journey we strive to find a place of deep surrender.


Join us on this magical weekend!

The programme is as follows:



17.00 arrival

18.00 opening 

18.30 Yin & Sound

19.30 dinner

20.30 leisure time including sauna/massage



08.00 Open workshop

09.00 breakfast

11.00 Soft Flow with Sound

12.30 lunch

13.30 leisure time including beach/sauna

18.30 dinner

20.00 Open workshop

21.30 leisure time including sauna



08.00 Open workshop

09.00 breakfast

11.00 Yin & Sound

13.00 lunch & afsluiting

14.00 closing ceremony

Leisure time

There is plenty of space for relaxation outside the programme. Time for you! 

In our beautiful location you can enjoy massages, sauna and swimming pool. Or you can enjoy some fresh air at the beach, tale one of the bikes out for a ride,  or just chill out (with a book) in the living room or in the garden.



If you want, you can book treatments from our team of massage therapists at a friendly surcharge. You can register during the weekend.


Relax package

Intended for people who come for a relaxing weekend and do not wish to follow a programme, for example partners. This gives you access to the open workshops only (before breakfast or after dinner) and therefore you'll receive a 50€ discount. You can still extend to join a programme during the weekend.

Please feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or want to book this beautiful retreat!

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